Kitty's Crossroads - Quality Equine Boarding, Lessons, Sales, Training Track & Trails
  Jeff Walden 
on site
training fees start at $475-$575. and up
If you are looking for the perfect place to have your horse trained .
We have what it takes to make the very best out of your equine friend.
If you need track training this is the place for you . We have everything your horse will ever need to make in the real world .
When it comes down to race day .
Your horse will have all the knowledge of the tracks needed all he will need to bring when he steps on the track is HEART
He will be a fine tuned well oiled machine .
We have the tracks , chutes , exercisers , managers , trainers and ground staff , 24-7 care .
We know what it takes to bring out the very best in your equine partners.
Quarter Horses
Need to tune up a rusty friend or fine tune that  side pass , slow your lope , stand to mount , ground tie ,
just plain ol'listen to you , stop the spooks , 
or get some respect from the ground.
Problem Horses
We have all seen the one !!
Teach that run away train to stop , when boarding at the station .
Get the spooks out of the trail rides
Get away from the barn
Go away from your buddy
Got a buck , kick , hop ,
We can make it stop .
This is by far the best start you can could ever give your colt or filly for a productive well behaved life.
If you want the very best , don't wait till you put a saddle on your horse.
Bring them in and give them a must know beginner class in everything needed.
We teach
touch , tie out , bonding , ground manors , picking the feet up , loading into trailers , leading , sprays , trails (lead line) , seeing other horses , relax , bath , cross tie , back , scoot over , and much more .   
We put pads on and lead them down the trails .
 despook them ,
You name it they will wanna check it out by the time were done with them
You will have a well behaved ready to go to the next level young horse that will be ready to train your way and not freak out at everything that tests them in life. 
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